Top Signs of a Failed House Flip

House-flipping projects are not always successful. Just like any endeavor, flipping houses may also fail and turn into a complete flop.

To ensure that you don’t get stuck with something that you’ll just regret in the end, here are the top signs of a failed house flip that you should watch out for.

The Area is Prone to Flooding

Always do your homework before you go around and look at properties. For all you know, the house you’re eyeing is located in a flood-prone area. Unfortunately, many towns and cities right now have become prone to floods but the real estate prices stay the same.

Take your time to ask other homeowners on the same street where you plan to buy a property. Most people will be honest and confirm your suspicions.

Low-Quality Cabinets

Cabinets are probably not among the areas that you check when checking flipped houses. However, make it a point to look and study them more closely. Check their quality.

While you can easily see the surface, specifically the style and color, always consider the material used for the cabinets. Inspect the hardware and check how the drawers shut and open.

Flawed Flooring

Probably one of the top signs of a failed house flip has something to do with the flooring. Remember that floors are critical to both the foundation and aesthetics of a property. The last thing you want is to move into a house with flawed flooring.

Before signing the dotted line, make sure you assess the floors and how they look, particularly close to the trim where even the tiniest discrepancies may indicate other issues.

Sloppy Paint

Paint is considered slopped if there are several paint layers, patch jobs, bubbles, or drips. All of these point out one thing: the painting wasn’t done properly. Some homeowners make a poor attempt at doing patch jobs on their own which can be very obvious.

Before you buy a flipped house, keep an eye out for paint on top of wallpaper as this means that the previous owners didn’t do an excellent job.

Faulty Windows and Doors

It’s a serious problem if the windows and doors around the property don’t move smoothly when you close and open them. This also applies to doors that sway open even after closing them.

Every single millimeter matters as far as doors and windows are concerned so see to it that everything has been installed correctly.

Vacant Neighborhood

You might want to think again if the neighborhood where the flipped house is located has lots of vacant properties. It’s also a big red flag if there are high crime rates or if most properties are in poor condition. A bad neighborhood might be a serious hindrance if you buy a property that you plan to resell in the future.

Noticeable Smell

It’s also another warning sign if you notice foul odors during your visit. It might mean so many things, from mold to rusty pipes, and other issues that mean that this flip isn’t for you.

Be sure to watch out for these top signs of a failed house flip to avoid regrets down the line.

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