Unorthodox Marketing Ideas for Pizza Shops

Who can say no to pizza? Unless it’s something you can’t eat because of personal reasons, most people love pizza. If you have a small pizza shop and you’re trying to keep up with the bigger and more popular chains, your advertising strategies should go beyond the usual ones.

Here are some unorthodox marketing ideas for pizza shops that can help them compete out there in the cutthroat world of pizza businesses.

Switch to Digital Check-ins

Come up with a digital rewards program that will offer rewards to its members. With this program, your patrons can check in during every visit, redeem incentives, and earn prizes. The best thing about this is that it saves you from the need to print and spend a significant amount of cash on expensive plastic cards.

Update Your Menu with Unique and Fresh Items

One of the top unorthodox marketing ideas for pizza shops is to offer unique and new pizza toppings. Experiment with new ingredients and flavors to ensure that your diners will have an eating experience they will fondly look back on even after many years.

For example, you can create pizza flavors that cater to different dietary needs of people, such as vegetarian and vegan options. These simple tweaks can go a long way to help your business grow further.

Use Text Messages for Marketing Your Business

Yes, text messages may sound obsolete but believe it or not, they still exist and they’re still effective tools for marketing. The best thing about text messages is that you don’t have to download any app or subject your customers to a time-intensive sign-up process. All they have to do is enter a code and they will then be subscribed to all updates from your pizza shop.

Prioritize Photo Spots

Almost everyone takes out their phone to snap photos and videos for the ‘Gram every time they visit a restaurant. Make the most out of this habit by ensuring that your customers will feel the urge to take photos of your food and restaurant. Ask for their permission afterward to cross-post these to your official account.

While doing so, see to it that you also use visually appealing packaging materials and present your food as enticingly as you can. Have an eye-catching outdoor mural and use in-restaurant menu tent cards that feature the social media handles of your restaurant.

You can also add a catchy hashtag that your customers can use when sharing the videos and photos they too of your food and restaurant to increase brand awareness and sales.

Offer Branded Merchandise for Sale

Selling branded items is also among the unorthodox marketing ideas for pizza shops that want to establish better relationships with their customers. For example, you can sell branded T-shirts, caps, and aprons to your customers.

You can also prepare a recipe cookbook inspired by the most popular items on your pizza shop’s menu. Since these cookbooks make great gifts, you can boost your marketing efforts further during special occasions and holidays.

These are only some of the unorthodox marketing ideas for pizza shops you might want to try to put your business out there right in front of potential customers.

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