Common Elements in Viral Videos

Not all videos go viral. It’s like a stroke of luck. But if you want to make luck work in your favor, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of making it big.

Here are some of the most common elements in viral videos that you might want to incorporate in your next content.


Humor may be either downright hilarious or just plain awkward. But there’s no denying that humor is something that can help you convey your message.

Try to create a parody or compose a fun original song. The main point here is that you shouldn’t care about who’s watching or what they think. Instead, just let your creativity work its magic and inflict it with humor in a sensible way.

Low Budget

Believe it or not, most of the viral videos you see are unplanned, while some were captured using inexpensive devices. What does it mean, then? It means that instead of professional equipment and huge budgets, excellent and authentic content is more important.

Sponge Off of Trending Topics

In case you didn’t notice it, most viral videos play off trendy topics in news, film, and music. Look for some helpful ideas on social media or even in your email. To save more time and get more fresh ideas, always watch out for trending viral videos. Just type in the keyword viral videos and you will see thousands of results of websites that curate the latest and hottest videos with the most shares online.

Defend, parody, or leave your comment on these trending videos and the specific topics being covered. It’s a hugely popular strategy that is successful most of the time. Just make sure that you don’t infringe on copyrighted materials.

Better yet, make sure you act right away. Don’t forget that your video and its content will soon be forgotten in a matter of months so acting immediately is a must.

Provocative Footage

Your videos should provide messages that provoke thoughts and ideas without being offensive to anyone. The first 20 seconds of your video should begin with something compelling. You can even use the technique where you pretend that you’re using a hidden camera to film the video.

There’s something about surveillance footage that people love since it makes them feel like you’re sharing a secret with them. But while this method offers so much potential, make sure that it fits the tone and overall message of your content.

Try telling a eureka moment or untold story. Add visually captivating footage and images that will dramatize a bigger picture.


Yes, surprises can be planned. Come up with a script for the surprise. People won’t even care or notice it as long as it looks authentic and genuine from start to finish.

Viral Video Songs

Create a parody or song about a topic that is trending at the moment. Just make sure you don’t commit any copyright infringement. Instead, come up with something buzz-worthy. You don’t even need a budget as long as talent or lack of it is there.

Make sure you use these common elements in viral videos and hit the jackpot in your video marketing campaigns!

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