How to Use Serendipity in Your Life

There is something enthralling about the word “serendipity.” After all, isn’t it amazing for something beneficial or good to happen in your life by chance?

To make things even more interesting, you often see serendipity and all its magic in full force in movies and TV shows. Ah, the beauty of fate! It’s what everyone dreams of!

But here’s the million-dollar question: how would you even know that what’s happening to you is indeed serendipity and not just something random? And better yet, how can you use serendipity to your advantage?

Check out the following tips on how to use serendipity in your life and make “fate” work in your favor:

Ask Questions

Unleash your curiosity and ask deeper questions. How did this happen? Why did it happen? You can apply the answers to your questions in future situations in ways that you probably didn’t even consider before. By letting your curiosities take the wheel, who would imagine where it would lead you? Think of all those inventions that were developed simply because the people behind them were curious about something.

Keep Your Mind Open

Suspending judgment and disbelief is one of the key secrets to using serendipity in bringing changes to your life. It’s because it requires you to expand your way of thinking and go beyond your usual thoughts.

Keeping your mind open as far as serendipity is concerned is a great way to remind yourself that whatever is happening might be important. What sets serendipity apart from luck is that luck only happens to you with no need for your involvement in it. With serendipity, however, the whole process involves you to turn things into something more fruitful.

Observe Your Surroundings

The most common reason why people often miss out on moments of serendipity in their lives is because they’re too focused on their routines and the things they need to do.

How many times have you taken a ride to the office without recalling the things and people you passed by? If you don’t take in your surroundings and you’re not present at the moment, there’s no way for you to recognize serendipity in its full details.

To use serendipity in your life, you need to believe first that it is indeed happening everywhere, or else, you won’t even bother searching for it. Honing your observational skills is important here.

But more than paying attention, you also need to practice self-awareness and consider the connection of the things you notice to your life.

Make Connections

Asking questions, keeping your mind open, and observing your surroundings are all crucial to recognizing serendipity. However, if you don’t welcome new connections, whatever happened to you will just remain as that and nothing else.

If you want to make the most out of serendipity and use it in your life, you have to ponder on how it will fit into various scenarios. This is where making new connections becomes critical.

The Bottom Line

Serendipity is not a matter of luck. For serendipitous moments to happen, you need to pay attention ask questions, and use them to turn the most mundane things into fateful encounters.

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