Travel Trends to Hit It Big in 2024

With just a few months left before 2023 finally comes to an end, travelers are excited to plan and book their next getaway for 2024.

To give you a good idea, here are some of the top travel trends to hit it big in 2024 so you can know what to expect on your upcoming vacation.

Automated Bookings will be On the Rise

As the world relies more on tech, it’s no surprise that automated bookings will be one of the travel trends to see a sharp spike this 2024.

Although automated bookings in the form of apps and online websites are nothing new, forecasts show that the next few years will make them see a dramatic boom in terms of growth. From $432 billion in 2020, the industry of online travel booking is estimated to reach $833 billion.

Sustainable Tourism to See a Significant Surge

With travel being criticized for how it damages the planet, it’s almost expected that an increasing number of people will search for more sustainable substitutes. Most travelers this 2023 actively look for sustainable options for their trips, and this trend won’t slow down anytime soon.

The Growth of Bleisure Travel

Bleisure travel is the combination of business and leisure, blurring the lines between two things that used to be on the opposite sides of the pole. During a business trip, you mix it up or extend it with leisure travel either on your own or with your family and friends.

The trend started becoming popular this 2023 when the lockdowns were lifted and it will continue to be so as more travelers plan to incorporate personal vacations into their business travels.

Faster Mobile Bookings

In addition to the rise in automated bookings, the increased use of mobiles is also one of the travel trends to hit it big in 2024

Increased Personalization

Travelers expect companies to provide personalized interactions and they find it frustrating if it doesn’t happen. As such, customers are expected to opt for offers that are personally tailored to their needs and preferences.

More Transformational Trips

Transformational trips or wellness getaways are one trend that has been on the rise in 2023. Many travelers these days would like to return from their vacations healthier and fitter than when they left. These people wish to come back home as better and improved versions of themselves.

Thus, there is a growing trend among travelers searching for trips and holidays that combine unique experiences that boost not just their well-being and health but also their knowledge. These include cultural treats, meditation retreats or yoga, cooking holidays, and outward-bound explorations.

With the world now almost back to normal, it’s expected for the travel industry to regain its footing after suffering from a harsh blow during the COVID-19 pandemic. The above travel trends to hit it big in 2024 are foreseen to continue to rise as most travelers embrace new things and seek distinct experiences that used to be inaccessible to them.

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